Founded in 2012, MTLL has shaped reputation for excellence in metal stamping as well as a wide range of deep-drawn metal components. With over 30 years stamping experience, we provide our customers tool design and manufacturing service. Industries we served include consumer electronics, automotive, telecommunication, lithium – ion battery and semiconductor.

MTLL is dedicated to the highest quality and invested in the latest technology. We continue to challenge ourselves in developing new stamping techniques that improve quality, efficiency, and expand stamping as a production method. With few layers of management, hands on ownership, and extensive quality staff; MTLL is flexible and reliable to adjust with your changing business.

Deep Drawn
MTLL History



MTLL was established and set up 6 sets of Kyori knuckle joint presses for production of a wide range of terminals, telecommunication, lead frame, and lithium – ion battery components   


Certified by Fujifilm as qualified supplier and obtain ISO9001

Plastic injection molding division begins operation and start production of insert molding components


Set up assembly and laser welding production line


Obtain CTS excellent supplier award and pass strict audit by global prestigious automotive company


New plant was expanded and factory space grown to 50,000 square feet. New 300 tons PATEC knuckle joint press and 80 tons Kyori press was set up for automotive industry demand




MTLL has over 15 most advanced Japanese stamping presses ranging from 30 -300 tons. With a full range of equipment, we are able to assist our customer to meet the requirement in any size, complicated shape, and different materials  

Kyori Press
Equipment List